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  1. A Golden View from Russia

    One of several valuable life lessons learned when you live outside your native country is that the optics are radically different. This is especially . . . .
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  2. Federal Reserve Foresees No Interest Rate Hikes In 2019

    The Federal Reserve left its key interest rate unchanged Wednesday and projected no rate hikes this year, reflecting a dimmer view of the economy . . . .
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  3. What Is CoinStats?

    What Is CoinStats?

    Mint State Gold by Stuppler is proud to extend to our clients this unique and outstanding offer: CoinStats. A tool for rare coin investors and collectors that we believe is the best available. CoinStats provides in-depth statistical analysis of popular series of certified U.S. Silver and Gold coins and helps our clients identify the best values.
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  4. Short The Dow For 2019’s Coming Recession Says Top Hedge Fund

    The Dow Jones is set for an epic collapse, plunging the US into a recession as early as this year, according to Crescat . . . .
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  5. Silver Demand In India Set For 4-Year High

    Silver will see a resurgence in demand this year from rural Indians spending cash handouts from the government designed . . . .
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  6. American Buffalo

    American Buffalo

    The American Buffalo coin has the distinction of being the first 24-karat (.9999 pure gold) and purest gold coin produced in the United States. When the coin was issued in 2006, it met with great success.   The coin’s classic design was taken from a previous minting as it appeared in 1913. The iconic relief was created by American sculptor...
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  7. American Eagles

    American Eagles

        The American Eagle was issued following the signing of the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985 by then President Reagan. In response to the sanctions imposed against apartheid South Africa, and the resulting decline in sales of the popular gold Krugerrand, the Gold Bullion Coin Act legislation gave the U.S. an opportunity to create a bullion coin of...
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  8. $20 Saint-Gaudens

    $20 Saint-Gaudens

    The $20 Saint-Gaudens is generally considered one of the most beautiful coins ever created. Also known as the Double Eagle for its gold content which is twice that of the $10 Eagle (about 1/2oz of gold), this makes $20 Saint-Gaudens coin almost one ounce of pure gold.   Like the Morgan Silver Dollar, the Saint-Gaudens has the distinction of sharing...
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  9. Morgan Silver Dollar

    Morgan Silver Dollar

    Taking its name from George T. Morgan, the British-born seventh Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint who designed was the coin’s designer. Determined to choose a face for his coin that looked “American” and not like the Greek figures often used at the time, Morgan found what he was looking for in the person of a Philadelphia school teacher, a...
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  10. Peace Silver Dollar

    Peace Silver Dollar

      Though it may be in the shadow of its older brother coin – the most collected U.S. coin, the Morgan Silver Dollar – the Peace Silver Dollar is well remembered as a symbol of the United States as it rose to be a dominant force in a world newly at peace. It was also the last circulating U.S. silver...
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