Although Bullion and Bullion Plus share a similar name, they are different categories for coin investors and collectors.  Bullion covers both coins and bars of precious metals.  Their value is based on how much of the precious metal (gold, silver, platinum, or palladium) contained within each product.  With the cost of the precious metal, production, shipping, and the market demand, gives bullion items a small premium above the market price of the metal. What that means is simply this - the value of the coin is usually slightly more than the amount of precious metal it contains and is very easy to track.  Since Bullion is closely tied to the spot market prices for precious metals, it is ideal for the investor looking to hold onto their assets for under six months, and want to speculate purely on the value of the precious metal climbing in these shaky financial times.

The second way to invest is with Bullion Plus coins.  It’s a category that encompasses higher quality and/or historic coins no longer produced.  These coins are mainly made from gold and silver but there are other metals as well. Since these coins are of higher quality and/or of limited supply it gives them a larger investor demand compared to regular bullion premiums.  Bullion Plus premiums are slightly higher than regular bullion coins, usually 5 to 15% above the value of the metal in the coin and have shown a strong history of larger returns then Bullion coins.  Most savvy investors buy Bullion plus because they are a desirable investment for their portfolio and as a bonus, are beautiful.  Because of these reasons, if someone wants to see ideal returns on their investments, we recommend Bullion Plus items be held for a minimum of 6 months.  However, there are other benefits to buying Bullion Plus as well.

Bullion Plus gold coins older than 1933 are considered ‘collectibles’ by the IRS and have additional privacy and taxes advantages over other coins. These coins, like some Investment Grade Coins and Rare Coins, offer benefits over Bullion items. To learn more about Investment Grade Coins and Rare Coins click on these links.

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