What Is CoinStats?

What Is CoinStats?


            Mint State Gold by Stuppler is proud to extend to our clients this unique and outstanding offer: CoinStats. A tool for rare coin investors and collectors that we believe is the best available. CoinStats provides in-depth statistical analysis of popular series of certified U.S. Silver and Gold coins and helps our clients identify the best values.


            CoinStats was created by Mint State Gold by Stuppler in 1997 after speaking with many of our rare coin investing clients who were also active in the stock market. Seeing the many similarities and needs for clients in both markets, especially in identifying undervalued stocks and undervalued coins, we were motivated to provide the same vital services already available to stock investors. With CoinStats, we’re able to help our clients make better, more informed, and more profitable decisions regarding their coin investments.


The Secret to CoinStats Success


             When investors research a stock investment, they analyze a company’s market capitalization or market cap. In the way a company’s value is calculated by multiplying the total number of shares of a stock by its present share price, we too can make similar calculations regarding rare coins. The market cap equivalent in coins is the population of a coin – i.e. the number of coins graded by NGC and PCGS – multiplied by the price of the coin. With CoinStats, we can take market capitalization of each coin in the six most popular series of rare U.S. gold and silver coins graded MS63 through MS67. Despite the fact that the prices from pcgs.com are considered to be a retail price guide, the purchase price can actually be lower than pcgs.com in many cases.


            In comparing the market cap of coins, CoinStats is able to take the important first step in identifying undervalued coins. Next, it calculates the price and grading service population as compared to coins the next grade higher, or differential percentage. Knowing the largest percentage decrease in population of a coin’s next grade up and combining this with that grade’s highest percentage increase in price can be a vital tool in identifying coin values and the best investment opportunities. As collectors and investors are often priced out of the market for the next grade up, their attention turns to these next-in-line value coins and this in turn causes their prices to take off accordingly.


Our CoinStats formulas are currently only for solid grades. We plan on including Plus Grades when there are enough Plus Graded coins certified by PCGS and NGC to provide a sufficient pool of data.


While no formula is infallible, we can say with confidence that since 1997, CoinStats from Mint State Gold by Stuppler has consistently helped our client investors outperform the overall market in investment-quality coins. 


Throughout our history, Mint State Gold has helped thousands of coin investors increase the value of their collections. With CoinStats, we expect to bring even more value to our clients.


If you have more questions or wish to learn more about what coin grading is please contact us hereto reach a Mint State Gold by Stuppler Customer Representative. We look forward to speaking to you.


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