Gold has traded in volatile fashion in a tight band over the past two weeks, unnerving speculators who have mostly preferred not to hold onto their positions. But short-selling has alternated rapidly with waves of safe-haven demand while macroeconomic conditions remain worrying. At 11am PDT, gold is trading up $1.60 per ounce at $1,642.10 per ounce on normal weekend light volume



Silver is trading in a 50 cent range with resistance at $32.00 per ounce, At 11am PDT, Silver is trading at $31.78 per ounce, down $0.06 per ounce on light volume

An April 19th Press Release from the Silver Institute provided the following information: Strong global silver investment in 2011 paved the way to a record annual average silver price of $35.12 per ounce in a year marked by steep price volatility. 2011 showed a decrease in silver supplies of 34 million ounces to 1,040.6, while an increase in coin and medal investor demand of 18.8 million ounces.

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