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Last week's precious metals trading was highly volatile with Gold reaching a low of $1,312 and a high of $1,341 per ounce. Gold ended the week at $1,322.50 per ounce, up $1.50 for the week. A number of factors were causing the volatility:

  1. Concerns over the President's executive order which would slap a hefty tariff of 25% on global imports of steel and 10% on aluminum. The President finally compromised and allowed exemptions for Canada and Mexico. In addition, he is allowing time for other countries to possibly strike a deal.
  2. The announcement from the White House late in the week about the possibility of a spring meeting between our President and Kim Jong-Un, leader of North Korea. This news took our financial markets by surprise and the Dow Jones Index quickly rallied, moving up 800 points for the week.
  3. Currency markets were very active as the Euro rallied sharply against the Dollar during the early part of the week. Later in the week the Dollar and interest rates rallied as it appeared that a trade war may be avoided as the President was considering a compromise.

An interesting bullish incident happened on Friday in New York's CME commodity exchange Gold 100-ounce contract pits. Surprisingly, the trading volume was the highest for the entire week (336,967 contracts or 33.696 million ounces.) That rarely happens, as professional traders normally flatten out their holdings for the week on Friday, not wanting to be at risk over the weekend. This was very bullish for Gold because it closed up $2.30 per ounce, during the same timeframe that the Dow Jones was up 300 points, and both the U.S. Dollar and interest rates were moving higher.

Today: Gold dropped to $1,310 in early European trading on strong U.S. economic news and started the recovery in U.S. markets. Buyers were attracted at this price as the U.S. Dollar remained weak.

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Last Friday, Silver hit a low of $16.27 per ounce when Gold initially dropped on the President's announcement about North Korea. Then, when Gold rallied, Silver showed excellent demand and Silver's rally displayed more strength, closing at $16.55 on good trading volume. Silver was up $0.15 for the week, driving the Silver/Gold ration to under 80-to-1. I continue to think we have seen the bottom for Silver this year and I look for Silver to trade between $16.50 and $17 for a bit, then move above the key $17 resistance level.

Today: Silver followed Gold lower, reaching support at the $16.40 area. Silver has quickly bounced back to above $16.50 per ounce.

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It's IRA investing time and we offer Precious Metal IRAs

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Recommended Investment Commitment and Diversification:

Precious Metal commitment: Minimum of 30% of investment capital

Diversification:  Gold 55%, Silver 35%, Platinum & Palladium 10%

Diversification includes 50% in long term investment quality rare coins and 50% short term bullion products.

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