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This Week’s Headlines:

Congressional Budget Office reports U.S. insolvency on the horizon
April CoinStats Available
Recommended investment commitment and diversification



Over the weekend, President Trump addressed the nation to announce a U.S, UK, and French coordinated military strike against chemical weapon sites in Syria. This attack on Syria was in response to President Bashar al-Assad's chemical attack on his citizens. The initial question of whether this was the first of many attacks was answered 12 hours later by President Trump. He tweeted "The Syrian raid was so perfectly carried out, with such precision" and used the term "Mission Accomplished".

Gold rallied on Friday based on the threat of this missile attack and the increase of geopolitical problems in the Middle East. Last Friday, Gold closed at $1,344.80, up $11 per ounce. This coming week I look for Gold to briefly sell-off on Monday, since there aren't any more Syrian attacks planned, on its way to break the important $1,350 resistance level by week end. Plus, oil reached a three-and-a-half year high, a strong inflation indicator.

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Congressional Budget Office reports U.S. insolvency on the horizon

If you ever needed a reason to hold Gold and Silver for your future financial survival, the April 10th Los Angeles Times front page article gave it to you. The LA times article titled "Deficit, debt are projected to run amok under Trump" warns of a coming financial crisis within the United States. The article goes on to say that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report forecasts tax cuts, and spending will corrode U.S. solvency to levels after WWII. The LA Times quoted the CBO, saying that we will see a $1 trillion deficit by 2020, and a $28 trillion national debt within ten years.

As the U.S. debt and deficits get out of control, it will dramatically lower the value of the U.S. Dollar. As Americans, we value our assets in terms of Dollars, and with the debt and deficit out of control that value will be diminished in the coming years. Looking at global debt, Bloomberg reported that it grew to $237 trillion, up 42% from a decade earlier, as reported in the fourth quarter of 2017. So, I am raising my recommendation for your available investment capital from 30% to 40% as I see Gold/Silver moving much higher within the next six to twelve months.

Today: Gold opened lower, reaching an early low of $1,341 per ounce, but quickly turned higher. A combination of strong demand from Asian and Middle Eastern buyers and a weaker U.S. Dollar drove the price of Gold up to $1,350 per ounce.

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Last week, Silver closed at $16.63 per ounce on Friday, up $0.30 for the week, but still down $0.40 per ounce since the beginning of 2018. The threat of the Syrian attack on Friday helped Silver finish the week on an uptick. Silver has decreased the Silver/Gold ratio to 80.92-to-1.

Today: When Gold sold off this morning, Silver showed excellent support above $16.50 per ounce. At that price sizeable demand hit the markets and Silver rose above $16.70 per ounce.

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April CoinStats Available

Our numismatic CoinStats report is a great tool for rare coin investors. CoinStats is an in-depth statistical analysis of popular rare coin series that allows you to identify the best values in certified rare coins. I am proud to offer this unique and informative tool exclusively to our clients. CoinStats has been updated for April 2018 and is now available. Six different series are available: $20 Gold Saint Gaudens, $20 Gold Liberties, $10 Gold Indians, Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars, and the Walking Liberty Half Dollars.

The CoinStats report provides a list of my recommended certified U.S. Gold and Silver coins which are found listed on the Best Value page. These are not the modern issue bullion coins or low-grade circulated coins. These are PCGS/NGC certified MS63 or higher Gold and Silver U.S. rare coins, dated prior to 1948, which have a proven track record of appreciation and also offer excellent liquidity. To receive the latest CoinStats analysis, just put the word CoinStats in the subject line and email me which of the six series you would like to see.

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Recommended Investment Commitment and Diversification:

Precious Metal commitment: Minimum of 40% of investment capital

Diversification:  Gold 55%, Silver 35%, Platinum & Palladium 10%

Diversification includes 50% in long term investment quality rare coins and 50% short term bullion products.

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