Simply put, we are the major player in the industry.

The founders of Mint State Gold have been a part of this elite industry since 1960. Many of our clients are among the top tier collectors in the world of investment, numismatic, rare, and ultra-rare coins. Mint State Gold has helped assemble some of the world’s top-ranked collections and we’ve sold some of the most prized coins known – in both cases at values in the billions of dollars. Mint State Gold’s clients benefit from our expertise, vast experience, and long history of success. We’re supported by a network of the top clients, dealers, organizations, and resources in the industry.

In the field, Mint State Gold by Stuppler is second to no one.

What does this mean to the average investor and collector? Mint State Gold’s clients have the opportunity to be informed by the best. Whatever your investment level or experience, you will learn. For us, communication is key and symbiotic: It advantages both dealer and client. We’re able to advise clients with strategies to best serve their budget and investment goals for the medium and long term. Mint State Gold will also make recommendations of what to buy and – importantly – what not to buy. Our mission is to strengthen and maximize their investments.

Our resources network and creditability took us decades to build. In addition to having outstanding reviews online, we also currently lead or have been previous Presidents of many well-known industry organizations include the PNG, ANA, CCBMA, and Gold & Silver PAC just to name a few. Mint State Gold is also a market maker: Our work sets prices for the numismatic field. Our client base of collectors and investors numbers in the thousands. Our clients know that we offer the most competitive prices in the industry.

Mint State Gold by Stuppler maintains a large inventory of investment and collector-quality rare coins as well as high-end rarities.

Our reserves include:

  • Morgan and Peace silver dollars
  • Saint-Gaudens double-eagles
  • Walking Liberty half dollars
  • Indian Head eagles
  • And many others

Rarities and ultra-rarity coins are not just for collectors. They offer excellent investment potential for all investors. We offer a potent array of services that many of our competitors just can’t: With access to our vast and invaluable internal network of dealers, collectors, and other resources, we offer our clients the ability to achieve optimal pricing and results. Mint State Gold also offers an upgrade and buyback program to assist clients from starter registries to ranking high-end collections. Our clients receive first priority to purchase coins when they become available, often from sets or estates that are never listed or made public.

Mint State Gold also sells and advises clients with investing in bullion coins, bars, and rounds in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The prices we offer for buy-backs are among the highest you’ll find in the industry.

Our investors and collectors have earned premiums and rewards in excess of U.S. stock and bond market returns! We invite you to call toll-free (888) 454-0444 to discuss your investment objectives with a Mint State Gold representative. Call today and put our experience and expertise to work for you.

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