Mint State Gold by Stuppler & Company Inc. is your premier online resource for bullion, investment grade coins, and rarities. We’re one of the largest purchasers of modern coins in the world. As an internationally recognized leader in many earlier dated coin series, we’ve built many of the finest known coin series ever assembled. We’re proud to offer a deep selection of quality Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium Coins.

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At Mint State Gold we pride ourselves on our Hot Picks section because it offers something from every coin collector/investor that we proudly serve. In the Hot Coins category we offer a wide array of coins of interest to all collector/investors no matter if you’re looking for a starting investment piece, Top Sellers, or High-End Rarities to name just a few.

Check the categories that best suit you when starting your journey online and we’ll be happy to assist you whenever possible.

Gold bullion investors and experienced coin collectors can both enjoy Mint State Gold's huge assortment of gold offerings. We have the world's most popular Bullion Coins at wholesale prices including the top three sellers: The American Gold Eagle and Gold Buffalo, and the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf. Our prices are so competitive that we update them every 30 Seconds! We also include many of the world's most collected investment coins in both modern-made and no longer-produced series.

Take advantage of wholesale prices on these coins and others. Find that quality gold product today before you miss out on the opportunity. 

Mint State Gold is proud to offer Silver, the most affordable price point of all the precious metals. Our Silver Section covers a wide array of products for both the first-time and long-term investors for diversifying their portfolio. Mint State Gold strives to offer the most in demand silver coins purchased today including the number one selling American Silver Eagle, Morgan Silver Dollar, one-ounce Silver Trade Units, and Peace Dollars just to start.

We welcome all precious metal investors to look over our silver selection and contact us to help build a custom portfolio to best fit their needs.

Mint State Gold is proud to offer Platinum and Palladium precious metals to all interested investors/collectors. Throughout the last couple hundred years, platinum and palladium have joined gold and silver in the precious metals category. With platinum and palladium being just one atom apart on the periodic table of elements, they share many common traits including a similarity in appearance and industrial uses. Both beautiful metals are used in jewelry and coinage today and have increasingly been added to many coin investment portfolios.

Mint State Gold offers a wide array of precious metals and coins. We also are pleased to offer a variety of other item categories including jewelry, diamonds, quality stones, world colonial coins, and others.

Feel free to check out and contact us about our offerings and limited time deals we may have.

Mint State Gold is always on the look-out to purchase quality bullion and investment grade coins. No matter if it's worth a few thousand dollars or whether it’s an estate valued over $10,000,000, we’re here to help. As one of the nation's leading market makers, we’re focused on supplying many of the world's top investors and are happy to offer the best price whenever possible. We’ve purchased over $1 billion worth of coins throughout our more that 50 years in the business.

Just click the link below to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you however possible with the selling of your coins, bars, or other items today.

    With an A+ rating with the BBB, 10,000+ feedback on eBay, and having assisted tens of thousands of the top investors around the world, we have the experience and expertise to assist any coin and bullion investor today. Mint State Gold (MSG) is proud to be an industry leader who’s vigilantly protecting collectors and dealers alike in the gold and silver community. We lead many of the industries organizations that address a wide array of issues ranging from sales tax exemption to anti-counterfeit protection. We welcome anyone to research Mint State Gold by Stuppler and Company Inc. as well as its founder Barry Stuppler to see why we’re the best coin dealer for helping you.

      One of our main goal, in addition to offering our superior service, is to make certain that all Mint State Gold clients are as well educated as possible. For this reason, we provide an education goldmine with our Investor Education Center.

      It’s here for beginning to experienced investors/collectors to hone their skills in learning more about precious metals, which popular coin series to purchase, trading market insights, and so much more. With articles being added daily, we encourage everyone to check out the Mint State Gold Investor Education Center and contact us with any questions you have.

      We always strive to assist our clients as much as possible. We’re proud that you’ve chosen us for you business: Thank you.

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