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Mint State Gold offers a wide array of precious metals and coins. We also are pleased to offer a variety of other item categories including jewelry, diamonds, quality stones, world colonial coins, and others.

Feel free to check out and contact us about our offerings and limited time deals we may have.

Since our founding, Mint State Gold has specialized in rare and investment-grade coins for the collectors market. We are also a leading authority on precious metals and one of the most reputable vendors of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins online. We also know the importance of having a diverse portfolio, which is why we carry a limited inventory of additional investment currency and precious metal products. If you're looking to expand your holdings, explore your options using the links below. For assistance putting together a package of products tailored to your goals and budget, please contact our office to speak with a representative directly.


Investment Currency and Precious Metal Products

We regularly update our inventory with new investment currency and precious metals, so be sure to check back often if you don't see what you're looking for online. Our current products include:

  • Copper Coins: The U.S. Mint has used copper for coinage since its founding in 1793. Some of its most famous coins — including the Classic Head and Indian Head cents — are copper. Many of these historical coins have collectors' value that exceeds the worth of the metal itself, though prices are often lower than comparable gold or silver items.

  • Nickel Coins: Nickel products available from Mint State Gold include the famous Buffalo Nickel, issued from 1913 to 1938, and the earlier Liberty Head nickels. While nickel as a metal is not as valuable as precious metals such as gold and silver, the historical significance and relative rarity of some of these coins makes them a popular choice for collectors.

  • Currency: U.S. Federal Reserve Notes are currently the only official paper currency used in the U.S. Before the establishment of the Federal Reserve, various other paper banknotes were used, including gold and silver certificates. Though collecting paper currency is less common than collecting coins, many of these early banknotes have both historical and monetary value.

  • Other Collectibles: Additional collectible items in our online store may include steel coin rolls, diamonds, and other precious metals and investment currency at various times. Visit individual product pages for details or contact a Mint State Gold representative for assistance.


Looking for something in particular? As one of the largest rare coin dealers online, we can often source hard-to-find items from our network of reputable partners, as well.

Investing in Rare Currency or Precious Metals

Every investor is different. When it comes to putting together a portfolio of products, there is no right way of going about it. Your budget and long-term goals will play a role but, as with any investment, there will also be an element of randomness that you must factor into your choices. A diverse portfolio which includes rare or unconventional coins or banknotes can be more resilient against market fluctuations and may offer more potential for reward.

If you're buying investment currency or precious metals for the first time, we strongly recommend that you speak with one of our advisors, or explore our Investor Education library to familiarize yourself with the various options available in our online store. Call or email our office for assistance.

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