What is CoinStats?

What is CoinStats?

CoinStats is the best investment tool for rare coin investors. Providing an in-depth statistical analysis of popular rare coin series, CoinStats allows investors to identify the best values in certified rare coins. We are proud to offer this unique and outstanding investment tool exclusively to our clients.

We created CoinStats in 1997 after speaking with a number of rare coin investors who were active in the stock market. We realized that there were many similarities between identifying undervalued stocks and undervalued rare coins. The market capitalization, or market cap, of a company’s stock equals the number of shares outstanding multiplied by the price per share. In rare coins, the market cap equals the population (the number of coins graded by NGC and PCGS) multiplied by the price of the coin. We take the market capitalization of each coin in the nine most popular series of rare U.S. Gold and Silver coins graded MS63 through MS67. The prices from PCGS.com are considered to be the retail price guide, however the purchase price can be lower than PCGS.com in many cases. PCGS and NGC Plus graded coins are not calculated in the CoinStats until 2018 or when there are enough coins to establish a trend.

Comparing the market cap of coins is the first step in identifying undervalued coins. CoinStats goes on to compare the decrease in population of the next grade up to the increase in price of that grade. The largest percentage decrease in population of the next grade up combined with the highest percentage increase in price of the next grade up identifies value coins. As collectors and investors are priced out of the market for the next grade up, their attention turns to these value coins, and the prices take off accordingly. While it’s not an infallible formula, CoinStats has consistently helped investors outperform the overall market in investment-quality coins since 1997.

We have helped develop a numismatic investment strategy for thousands of successful rare coin investors and collectors since 1960. If you have any questions about CoinStats, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 888-454-0444.

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