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  1. Federal Reserve Unlikely To Raise Interest Rates In 2019

    Federal Reserve Chairman Powell released a statement and gave a news conference late yesterday. He stated it is highly unlikely that . . . .
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  2. Equity & Commodity Markets Await News From Fed Chairman

    The equity and commodity market traders are awaiting any news from the Fed Chairman at today’s new conference . . . .
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  3. Demand For Gold Continues To Grow

    Gold continues its move towards $1,350 per ounce today, reaching a high of $1,311 in European trading. Physical demand . . . .
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  4. The Gold Buyers Are Back

    The Gold buyers are back. Fresh buying from Asia, Middle-East and Europe drove the Gold price to $1,306 . . . .
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  5. Gold Rallies On Weaker U.S. Dollar

    After reaching a low of $1,293 this morning the Empire State manufacturing survey was released, showing much weaker . . . .
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  6. Gold Price Driven Down By Strong U.S. Dollar & Higher Interest Rates

    Gold rallied to $1,312.50, then was hit with short-term profit taking and a strong U.S. Dollar and higher interest rates. These combined . . . .
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  7. The Perfect Formula For Higher Precious Metal Prices

    Lower interest rates with a weaker U.S. Dollar, the prefect formula for higher precious metal prices. Gold firmly broke above . . . .
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  8. Gold Holds At Support Level While Silver Sees Steady Increase

    We are seeing Gold try to break through and hold above the $1300 level today. It briefly did so earlier this . . . .
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  9. Gold Building New Base To Break Above $1300 Support Level

    This morning gold move $5 lower on higher interest rates which kept the U.S. Dollar Index strong . . . .
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  10. Worst Is Over For Silver If Gold Holds Above $1300

    Yes, major buyers stepped up this morning in the Asian and the Middle Eastern markets (Central Banks?) and Gold . . . .
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