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  1. Under-Valued Silver Shows Excellent Price Support

    Gold traded above the $1,340 level for most of today. Demand seems to be growing, primarily in Asian and Middle Eastern markets, with . . . .
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  2. Gold Rally Establishing New Trading Range

    As the U.S. Dollar Index has a difficult time breaking above the 97 resistance level, Gold has rallied. Gold continued its run . . . .
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  3. Gold Moves Over $1,320 Resistance Level

    YES, after three weeks of consolidation, Gold has moved over the key $1,320 per ounce resistance level. We should see confirmation on this move in . . . .
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  4. Drop In U.S. Retail Sales Hurt Equity Markets But Bullish For Gold

    Retail sales in the U.S. for December were down 1.2%, the largest drop in over nine years. This news is negative for the equity markets, but bullish for the . . . .
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  5. Gold Consolidates While Silver Waits On Direction

    Right now, watching Gold trade is like watching paint dry. But, in the case of Gold, that’s a good thing. This allows Gold to continue . . . .
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  6. Gold Continues Consolidation Above Key Support Level

    With the U.S. Dollar Index inching closer to 97, Gold is trading in a tight $8 range. Gold continues its consolidation . . . .
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  7. Gold Under Pressure As U.S. Dollar Index Moves Near 97

    Gold is under pressure this morning as the U.S. Dollar Index moves near 97. This is the eighth day in the row that . . . .
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  8. Gold Remains Strong Despite Continued Support For The U.S. Dollar

    Dropping interest rates in Europe and Asia continue to provide support for the U.S. Dollar. Surprisingly, the Gold price . . . .
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  9. Gold Demand Increases As World Equity Markets Drop

    Gold is showing excellent support considering the U.S. Dollar Index is 96.40. Global growth is slowing and the world’s equity . . . .
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  10. Strong Buying In Asia Over Lunar New Year Holiday

    A stronger U.S. Dollar Index (over 96) is keeping Gold on the defensive. However, strong buying in Asia over the Lunar New Year holiday is driving demand . . . .
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