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  1. Daily Market Update 4/14/11

    GOLDHeavy global and domestic demand drove gold up $15.10 to $1,470.70 an ounce. Gold rose for a second day in a row today, as the U.S. dollar fell to a 16-month low against a basket of currencies, on expectations the Federal Reserve will lag global central banks in raising interest rates. Concerns over the U.S. initial jobless claims (which rose...
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  2. Daily Market Update 4/13/11

    GOLDGold closed today at $1,455.60, up $3.20 for the day.  Excellent demand for Gold in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe reversed lower prices, continuing to build the base.  Look for Gold to reach $1,480 within the next week and breakout to $1,500 shortly thereafter.    SILVERSilver was up $0.26 today, closing at $40.28 per ounce.  Since Monday the trading...
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  3. Daily Market Update 4/12/11

    GOLDGold was down $14.20 an ounce on the day, closing at $1,452.40.  Trading was active with excellent support at the $1,450 area. I believe the upward trend in both gold and silver prices remain firm in light of the current macroeconomic and geopolitical environment. Today’s Gold trading took direction from a $3 drop in Crude oil prices, as a result...
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  4. Daily Market Update 4/11/11

    GOLDGold closed today at $1,466.60, down $8.70 an ounce. Many of the market analysts attribute Friday’s Gold rally to the possibility of a U.S. Government shut down, with the problem hopefully averted, today’s correction was to be expected.   Last Friday, possible shut down of our government could have been a national embarrassment.  The real travesty is the loss of good...
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  5. Daily Market Update 4/8/11

    GOLDGold closed at $1,475.30 today, up $14.10 for the day; another all-time high for the Gold price on active trading. $1,500 is the next psychological and possible resistance number, and I believe we will see that number next week.  Today’s initial rally in gold came from oversees after European Central Bank President, Jean-Claude Trichet, indicated that the rate hike announced...
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  6. Daily Market Update 4/7/11

      GOLDGold closed today at $1,461.20 per ounce, down $0.30 for the day. During trading today gold hit a new all-time high of $1,466.20 and traded in a narrow $13 range on good volume.  With a weaker Dollar and Crude Oil surpassing $110 per barrel on top of continued problems in Japan, Middle East and Euro Debt issues, gold continues...
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  7. Daily Market Update 4/6/11

    GOLD Up, Up and Away Gold hit another all-time high of $1,463.70 this morning, closing the day at $1,461.50 per ounce, up $8.10 on the day. Gold traded actively in the worldwide market on heavy volume, showing excellent support and demand for Gold at the higher prices.  I am amazed to hear one market analyst after another say that raising...
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  8. Daily Market Update 4/5/11

    GOLDGold was up $20.30 today, closing at an all-time high of $1,453.40 on very active trading. We continue to look for a quick run to the next resistance point of $1,500.The news items that supported today’s Gold rally are: China’s central bank announced it intends to hike rates tomorrow by 25 basis points to 3.25%, as part of Beijing’s latest...
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  9. Daily Market Update 4/4/11

    GOLD Gold was up $5.70 today on active trading, closing at $1,433.10 per ounce. Gold prices and demand continue to be supported by: the civil war in Libya and threat of escalating unrest in neighboring regions the aftermath of the recent Japanese earthquake and the developing nuclear crisis there the continued sovereign debt problem in Europe Crude Oil price rising...
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  10. Daily Market Update 4/1/11

    GOLDGold was down $10.90 today, closing at $1,427.40 per ounce on news that job growth had accelerated in March. The Labor Department said the non-farm jobs had increased by 216,000 which was higher than expected and lowered the unemployment rate to 8.8%. Initially the price of gold dropped over $25 on the job news reaching $1,412.00 on ounce, at that...
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