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  1. Why It Makes Sense To Buy Gold At The Start Of 2019

    Gold is one of the relatively few assets that is uncorrelated to the performance of equity markets. Various commentators expect the year ahead . . . .
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  2. China Adds to Gold Reserves for First Time Since October 2016

    After a hiatus of more than two years, China is adding to its gold reserves again. The People’s Bank of China increased . . . .
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  3. Goldman Says To Bet On Weaker U.S. Dollar After Powell Comments

    The U.S. dollar may be poised to decline, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Friday boosted . , , ,
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  4. The Arrival of The Credit Crisis

    Those of us who closely follow the credit cycle should not be surprised by the current slide in equity markets . . . .
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  5. The Opening Shot Of A Major Bull Market In Silver

    The Opening Shot Of A Major Bull Market In Silver

    Clive Maund provides a technical analysis on silver and explains why he believes recent movements could be the “opening shot of a major bull market.” Silver was expected to drop . . . .
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  6. India’s Govt To Release Draft Gold Exchange Policy By Jan 2019

    The government is expected to release the draft gold exchange policy by Jan 2019, according to an ET report. This policy is expected . . . .
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  7. Gold And Silver Firm In Face Of Abnormal Equity Volatility

    The wild fluctuations in the U.S. equities markets over the past few days have to be a huge cause for concern in terms of . . . .
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  8. Russian Central Bank Buying Gold On The International Market?

    For a number of years now and even more so during 2018, the central bank of the Russian Federation, the Bank of Russia, has remained in the spotlight as . . . .
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  9. Gold Set for Best Month In 2-Years As Angst Fuels Haven Demand

    Gold is soaring, set for the biggest monthly gain in almost two years after the partial U.S. government shutdown . . . .
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  10. Hedge Funds Once Again Bullish On Gold & Silver

    Hedge Funds Once Again Bullish On Gold & Silver

    Money managers are holding a net bullish position in gold and silver futures again for the first time in months, based on the most recent report . . . .
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