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  1. Gold Reaches High Of $1300 In Overnight Trading

    Gold Reaches High Of $1300 In Overnight Trading

    Big news day: 1) The number of jobs created was stronger than expected. 2) A dovish statement on the economy and interest rates 3) Trade . . . .
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  2. Gold Rallies On 10-Year Treasury Bill Drop

    Today, the interest rate on the 10-Year Treasury Bill dropped below 2.60%, the lowest level in the past year. This is an excellent sign that . . . .
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  3. International Gold Buying On The Rise

    As Global Equity markets continue to move lower, Gold buying in Asia, Middle-East and Europe is increasing, the price moving to above . . . .
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  4. The Gold Rally Continues

    The Gold Rally Continues

    Wow, the Gold rally continues, moving above the $1,280 per ounce level today. A combination of hedge fund buying and a . . . .
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  5. Hedge Funds Moving In Gold ETF’s & Equities

    The rally continues as hedge funds are moving in Gold ETF’s and equities. Gold reached a high of $1,280 . , , ,
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  6. Strong Overnight Buying Drives Gold Above Resistance Level

    Strong overnight buying for Gold in Asian markets drove the price of Gold briefly above the major resistance level . . . .
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  7. Increasing Demand For Popular Gold Bullion Coins

    Increasing Demand For Popular Gold Bullion Coins

    Gold is taking a breather after its $20 increase yesterday, particularly since the U.S. Dollar Index has rallied back . . . .
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  8. Gold Breaks $1,250 Resistance Level

    It appears the Federal Reserve statement of slowing down interest rate increases next year was bullish for Gold in Asian and European markets . . . .
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  9. Federal Reserve Raised The Discount Rate By 1/4 Percent

    Today, the Federal Reserve decided to raise the discount rate by ¼ of a percent . . . .
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  10. Gold Looking To Break Above $1,250 Resistance Level

    Gold is trading in a $6 High/Low area between $1,244 and $1,250 per ounce . . . .
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