What is the Best Gold Product To Buy?

What is the Best Gold Product To Buy?

Selecting the right gold product is very easy. That decision is primarily based on two factors:

  • Timeframe
  • Purpose for investing

Timeframes and investment criteria can vary from one individual to another. Ask yourself the following questions to determine which option gives you the most ‘YES’ answers. Then, scroll down to view the gold product recommendations for that option.

Option #1 --- see Product #1 below

  • Want a short term (less than 1 year) investment?
  • Want an alternative to earning 1% at the bank or with a CD?
  • Want the lowest gold premium and Dealer commissions?
  • Want to be able to track your investment by following the spot gold price?

Option #2 --- see Product #2 below

  • Want a 1-year to 5-year investment?
  • Want protection from a depreciating dollar caused by massive government trade and budget deficits?
  • Want to diversify your financial investments?
  • Want minimal Government reporting and/or possible confiscation?
  • Want affordable gold coins in small dominations?

Option #3 --- see Product #3 below

  • Want a long-term (5 years or longer) investment?
  • Want to protect your financial assets by putting 15-20% into Gold?
  • Want long term diversification?
  • Want to provide funds for your children’s education or your retirement?
  • Are you concerned about Government reporting or possible confiscation?

Product #1 - Gold Bullion Coins and Bars

Valued primarily for their gold content plus a small premium for minting or fabrication by a bank or government.

Gold Bullion coins and bars are:

  • Traded at the gold value plus 3 to 6% based on availability and quantity
  • Popular for short-term investments of less than 1 year

The most popular and actively traded Gold Bullion coins and bars (in order of highest demand first) are:

  • 1 ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leafs
  • 1 ounce U.S. Gold Eagles
  • 1 ounce U.S. Gold Buffalos
  • 1 ounce South African Gold Krugerrands
  • 1 ounce Swiss Credit Gold Bars

Major benefit of Gold Bullion Coins and Bars:

  • They track the spot gold price
  • They have the smallest premium over the spot gold price
  • Dealer markup is the lowest of all gold investment products
  • Offer excellent liquidity

Product #2 - Gold Bullion Plus Coins

Gold coins that are minted by a government. Gold Bullion Plus coins trade (or are issued) with a small premium above gold spot price based on date, mintage, or grade.

Gold Bullion Plus coins are:

  • Traded at the gold value plus a premium comparable to small domination Government bullion coins but are considered rare coins with all the privacy benefits.
  • Popular with investors with a timeframe ranging from 1 year to 5 years

The most popular and actively traded Gold Bullion Plus Coins are:

  • Pre-1933 French & Swiss Gold 20 Franc in Brilliant Uncirculated condition (.1867 gold content)
  • Pre-1933 British Gold Sovereigns in Brilliant Uncirculated condition (.2354 gold content)
  • Mint State or Proof 70 (Prefect condition) Certified U.S. Gold Eagles or Buffalos

Major benefit of Gold Bullion plus Coins:

  • Small denomination gold coins for a low premium over gold value
  • Increased gold demand can drive up the premium
  • Offer privacy from U.S. Government 1099 reporting
  • Actively traded with excellent liquidity
  • Have a small dealer markup

Product #3 - Investment Quality U.S. Gold Coins

These coins are PCGS or NGC Certified* U.S. Gold rarities, dated PRE-1933, with a minimum grade* of Mint State 63 (Choice Uncirculated). *See Grading and Certified FAQ for more information on coin grading.

Investment quality U.S. Gold coins have:

  • An historical 50 to 100 year track record of appreciation
  • Excellent liquidity
  • Prices that range from $2,000 to $200,000 based on grade and rarity
  • Huge popularity with investors and collectors with a 5 year or longer timeframe

The most popular and actively traded Investment Quality U.S. Gold coins are:

  • $20 Gold Saint Gaudens dated from 1907 to 1928
  • $10 & $20 Gold Liberties dated from 1880 to 1907
  • $2.50, $5 & $10 Gold Indians dated from 1907 to 1928

Major benefits of Investment quality U.S. Gold coins:

  • Excellent demand from collectors and investors
  • The best long term appreciation of any gold investment
  • Offers privacy from U.S. Government 1099 reporting
  • Excellent liquidity


  1. dann bunn
    Last summer you did me a great favor of buying back and or what I purchased from you and others. I was able to accomplish what I wanted to do. You made that possible, you always guided me in the right direction. I've recommended you to numerous people. I'm now thinking about buying some more pre-1933 MS gold. I'm wanting to start with about $5,500.00 and build up some sets. Like a $20 Saint, a 10$ Indian Eagle, a $5.00 Indian half eagle, a $20 Liberty Double Eagle, $10 dollar Liberty, and so on. Of course, I want to start with what I should look at first trusting your opinion. Do I buy the best $20 Saint or start with a med. grade and buy a second, and possibly third lower grades in the lower dollar amount? I would appreciate your advice. I guess I'm looking to invest for 2-3 years before selling. I hope I'm not being to trying in explaining what I'm trying to do. Your time and thought would be appreciated,

    Respectfully yours,

    Dann Bunn
  2. dann bunn
    Barry, I just sent you a request, however, I would also consider doing this in Silver, with choice dates, and grades, in Morgan, Peace, or Liberties. I know I'd have more coins this way, but I like that also.

    Again your opinion would be appreciated,

    Dann Bunn
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