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  1. The Timing Is Right To Make That Commitment To Gold/Silver

    Last Friday, Gold closed at $1,195 per ounce, down $6.30 for the week . . . .

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  2. The record bull run must end soon <br/> So, is it time for a return to gold?

    All good things must come to an end, including summer holidays and bull markets . . . .

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  3. Gold Above $1,200 Per Ounce and on a Bullish Track

    On April 18th, 2018, Gold was trading at $1,353 per ounce and the U.S. Dollar Index was at 89.48. Then, fears of a trade war among the U.S., China, and Europe hit the market place . . . .

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  4. Heavy buying could signal a turn in Gold and Silver prices

    Last week Gold briefly traded at a low of $1,160 per ounce, a low not seen since December of 2016 . . . .

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  5. The Worlds Greatest Bubbles are Bigger than Ever<br />When They Pop, You Better Own Some Precious Metals

    In just the past few years, global asset values have risen to the biggest bubbles in history.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be a concern to the market because most people believe they are getting richer . . . .

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  6. Both Gold & Silver hit new 2018 Low – Is that the bottom?

    I think last Friday was a turning point in the downward trend that we have seen in the Gold and Silver price. Our President raised aluminum/steel tariffs on Turkey, which caused a Turkish currency crisis . . . .

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  7. Gold & Silver trading at a 2018 low – Great Opportunity

    Gold closed at $1,214 last Friday, down $9 per ounce for the week . . . .

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  8. BRICS Gold: A new model for multilateral cooperation

    The first-ever industrial public-private partnership investment project undertaken by partners from all BRICS member states has been pioneered in the gold mining sector against the backdrop of the BRICS Summit held in Johannesburg, South Africa . . . .

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  9. We have seen the 2018 low for Gold – July CoinStats Available

    Gold dropped from $1,310 on June 14 to $1,237 on July 3, a $63 (4.8%) correction. This correction was primarily caused by large Asian corporations and investors selling Yuan and buying U.S. Dollars . . . .

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  10. U.S. Dollar stays strong and Gold/Silver prices remain weak

    June was truly an ugly month for Gold investors. Gold started the month at $1,301 and ended at $1,251 per ounce, a $50 decline . . . .

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