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  1. Gold Showing Good Demand Above The $1,230 Per Ounce Support Level

    Last Friday, Gold hit a high of $1,243 per ounce on the best CME trading volume of the week . . . .

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  2. Gold Looking Very Bullish, Silver Disappointing - October CoinStats Available

    Gold has traded between $1,220 and $1,230 per ounce for the past seven days in a row . . . .

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  3. The Way Ahead For Chinas Gold Market

    China’s gold market has been transformed over the past two decades, becoming the largest gold producer and consumer in the world . . . .

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  4. Gold Breaks $1,220 As DJIA Drops 1,100 Pts - October CoinStats Available

    The excitement started Wednesday of last week as U.S.-China trade negotiations appeared to be going nowhere . . . .

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  5. Could This Be the Turning Point for Gold and Silver?

    Could the 800 point fall in the Dow be the start of the much predicted equities collapse?  . . . .

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  6. Gold & Silver Are Trading At The Lower End Of The Recent Range

    Last week, we saw a number of world and U.S. events and announcements that affected the precious metal markets both upward and downward . . . .

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  7. Why did Silver out shine Gold during the past two weeks?

    It’s now been 8 weeks that Gold has stayed between $1,180 and $1,220 per ounce . . . .

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  8. A Bullish Article in Barrons Helps Move Gold Above $1,200

    Just when Gold staying in the $1,190 to $1,210 price range was starting to frustrate me, a bullish article was published in a prestigious business newspaper . . . .

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  9. Gold Moves Back Above The Key $1,200 Per Ounce Level

    Last Friday, Gold closed at $1,194 per ounce, only $1 lower for the week, but down $105 (8.05%) since the beginning of 2018 . . . .

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  10. China To Continue Driving Global Silver Market Forward

    China will continue to be a major driver in the global silver market for years to come, fueled by continued industrial demand and silver mining activity . . . .

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