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  1. Gold & Silver test recent lows

    Last week Gold traded between $1,236.50 and $1,259 per ounce, closing at $1,242.30 per ounce on Friday, down $14 for the week. It was a disappointing week for Gold investors . . . .

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  2. Gold is back on the road to $1,300/oz

    Last week we saw Gold break below the key $1,250 support level, reaching a low of $1,241.70 per ounce. On June 6, Gold made its second attempt at breaking above the key $1,300 . . . .

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  3. Both Gold & Silver trading at their support levels

    Since February of 2017, Gold has traded between $1,201 and $1,298 per ounce. During that period of time Gold has made two attempts to break above the key $1,300 per ounce resistance level. The third attempt . . . . 

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  4. Gold & Silver prices correct after recent rally

    Last Friday, Gold closed at $1,271 per ounce, down $9 for the week. Last week was an exciting week with Gold making a new 2017 high . . . .

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  5. Gold & Silver rally continues as US Dollar hits 2017 low

    Three major factors helped Gold breakout above the key $1,270 per ounce level last week . . . . 

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  6. Gold & Silver Rally Continues, moving to $1,300 & $18 per oz

    Gold started the year at $1,150 per ounce and reached a high of $1,297 on April 17, a $147 increase . . . . 

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  7. Gold & Silver Rally Continues – Breaking over Resistance

    Last week, many of Gold’s indicators turned bullish and the price reacted with a $26 per ounce rally. Gold reached a high of $1,265 last Thursday, before seeing short-term selling . . . . 

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  8. Gold Will Benefit as Investors Lose Patience with Trump Presidency

    Market reaction to the latest turmoil in the While House shows that investors are losing patience with the Trump administration and this should continue to underpin precious metals this year, according to one commodity analyst . . . .

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  9. The Silver to Gold Ratio, As Undervalued as at Anytime In History

    Most tellingly, currency markets are again in a state of crisis – led by the “tell” of plunging emerging market and “commodity currency” nations . . . .

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  10. Gold Prices Rise Most in 11 Months as US Politics Poison Markets

    Gold prices raced higher as worries about political instability in the US swept financial markets . . . .

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