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  1. Gold trading at new 2017 high and demand increases

    August was a super month for Gold investors with Gold rallying $49 per ounce during the month. The rally continued on Friday . . . . 

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  2. We believe gold has entered a new bull market. Here are four reasons why

    Despite significant US dollar weakness, gold price performance has been muted recently. It has been held back by factors such as a rebound in real interest rates and increased stability in the Chinese yuan, which has dampened near-term investment demand for gold in China . . . .

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  3. Gold is flying under the radar

    While everyone pays such close attention to every tick of the stock market and the cryptocurrencies, gold has been quietly flying under the radar. Not many have noticed that it’s now outperforming the S&P 500 so far this year . . . .

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  4. Gold & Silver tests support level – Rare Coin market hot

    Last Friday, as Gold approached its recent high of $1,280 per ounce some news overshadowed the rally . . . .

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  5. Gold/Silver Rally Continues--In Denver at rare coin convention

    Another great week for Gold investors as the price stayed above the key $1,250 per ounce support/resistance level . . . .

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  6. Gold Is Still the “Star of the Commodity Universe”

    One of the big stories missing in the mainstream media this year is the fact that gold is up nearly 10% while the bulk of all other commodities are down – often by 10% or more . . . .

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  7. Gold/Silver on Bullish track--Major rare coin show next week

    What a great week for Gold investors with Gold up all five days . . . . 

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  8. Gold/Silver moving higher; July <i>CoinStats</i> available

    After reaching a low of $1,204 last Monday, Gold started on the road back to $1,300 per ounce . . . .

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  9. Silver hits new 2017 low; July CoinStats now available

    Last Monday, Gold dropped $23 per ounce, breaking below the important 200-day moving average of $1,230. Afterwards, Gold quickly dropped below $1,220, when the sentiment on the trading floor turned negative . . . . 

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  10. Gold & Silver test recent lows

    Last week Gold traded between $1,236.50 and $1,259 per ounce, closing at $1,242.30 per ounce on Friday, down $14 for the week. It was a disappointing week for Gold investors . . . .

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