7 Things You Should Know Before Buying Gold Bullion

7 Things You Should Know Before Buying Gold Bullion

(By Barry Stuppler, PNG# 334, PNG President 2017-2019)

Most gold dealer’s websites list excellent reasons for owning gold, such as diversification, protection against currency devaluation, and profiting from capital gains. Many of these companies, however, are more interested in profiting from selling you a “product” than in giving you the critically important information you need to make an informed decision. Mint State Gold wants you to have these vital facts before you make your first gold investment:

1. Always Buy & Sell Bullion Coins Through a Major Bullion Dealer; Avoid Commissioned Salespeople

Finding a major dealer is easy. The leading bullion coin dealers are members of the Professional Numismatist Guild. Investing through a PNG member helps protect you because PNG members must (1) certify that they have significant financial worth, (2) agree to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Guild, which include dispute resolution through arbitration and adherence to strict ethical and professional standards, and (3) be elected by a majority of PNG’s then-current members. Only the nation’s most reputable dealers can become PNG members.

Our founder, Barry Stuppler, is proud to be a 30+ year member of the PNG and is currently serving as the 2017-2019 PNG President.

High-pressure commissioned telemarketers are not PNG members, are not licensed, and are not subject to the same strict requirements that ethical coin dealers are. They should always be avoided.

Mint State Gold employs NO commissioned salespeople. Which would you rather spend your money on: commissions or gold?

2. Three Gold Bullion Coins Deliver the Best Value for Your Investment Dollar.

Are you investing over $10,000? You’ll be quoted the best bid/ask spreads on the market’s three highest volume bullion gold coins: U.S. Eagles, U.S. Buffalos, and Canadian Maple Leafs. These unlimited-mintage gold coins have exceptional liquidity because they represent more than 80% of the world’s bullion coin trading. Beware of dealers offering other gold bullion coins; wider profit margins may be their motivation.

As one of this country’s major bullion wholesalers, Mint State Gold makes a daily buy-sell market in one ounce gold Eagles, Buffalos, and Maple Leafs. Our spreads are known to be the most competitive in the industry. All transactions are kept highly confidential. For more detail call us toll-free today at 1-888-454-0444.

3. A Major Bullion Wholesaler’s Gross Spread Is Only 1%-2% for the Most Actively Traded Gold Bullion Coins.

High-volume bullion dealers work on razor-thin profit margins. For example, the gross profit margin (the “spread”) for one ounce gold Eagles, Buffalos, and Maple Leafs is 1% to 2%. Most dealers cannot stay in business with profit margins that small. They increase their profits by charging more, buying for less, or recommending coins that are more profitable—to them!

To make sure our gold bullion prices are the most competitive in the industry, Mint State Gold does not hire commissioned salespeople and does not accept payment by credit card. We have maintained a high-volume business and the nation’s tightest bid/ask price spreads for more than 30 years by requiring a minimum transaction of 10 ounces of gold (and 500 ounces of silver).

4.You Should Know All Your Options When Investing in Gold.

Investors have a wide variety of goals. Based on YOUR short-term and long-term investment goals and need for liquidity, consider diversifying into large and small denomination gold bullion coins. Owning a variety of gold coin sizes may help you achieve your goals when gold rises to a substantially higher value.

As one of the nation’s major gold wholesalers, Mint State Gold is ready to provide expert guidance to you on all of your bullion coin needs. We offer a special 10 ounce Gold-Folio package for new investors who wish to get started with the most popular gold investment coins. For more detail call us toll-free today at 1-888-454-0444.

5. Learn The Advantages of Owning Rare Gold Coins.

Gold bullion coins are minted in unlimited numbers by major governments. Their lack of scarcity explains why they are so easy to buy and sell at a price based on their gold bullion value. Many investors also own investment quality gold U.S. rare coins with histories of strong price appreciation. They were minted by the United States between 1795 and 1933. Commonly referred to as pre-1933 U.S. coins, they offer excellent privacy for investors. Growing demand from collectors and investors has propelled their long term values sharply higher decade after decade.

Investment quality gold U.S. rare coins offer an excellent diversification for most portfolios. We have helped build some of the nation’s most famous (and most profitable!) rare coin collections. Let our decades of experience help you build a holding of desirable investment quality gold U.S. rare coins.

6. A Tax-Advantaged Gold Investment May Be Right for Your Retirement.

Do you know that you can add gold coins to an Individual Retirement Account? It’s true! Current laws permit the addition of selected gold coins to a self-directed IRA. This may help protect your retirement assets AND allow you to acquire real gold coins with pre-tax dollars and/or not be taxed on your capital gains.

Mint State Gold helps its clients place gold coins into self-directed IRA accounts with pre-tax dollars. Call 1-888-454-0444 toll-free today to learn how you can take advantage of today’s best tax-advantaged gold investments.

7. Immediate Delivery or Storage: Which Is Best?

Never allow a bullion dealer to hold your gold coins. Taking personal possession of your gold guarantees you maximum security and the best return when you decide to sell. And it helps you avoid all kinds of potential problems and scams.

Mint State Gold ships your Gold coins to you via insured USPS or UPS within 72 hours of receipt of approved funds in the form of cashier’s check, bank wire, or cleared personal check. To maintain our low 1%-2% Bid/Ask price spreads, we cannot accept payment by credit card for bullion products.

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