Gold Holds At Support Level While Silver Sees Steady Increase


We are seeing Gold try to break through and hold above the $1300 level today. It briefly did so earlier this morning before some profit taking came in from the day traders, but what I really like is how it’s continuing to hold so close. Any good news can easily get Gold above the $1300 support level and we’ll see where it goes from there. At 11am Gold is trading at $1299.33 per ounce, up $7.83 on strong volume.


It’s a steady increase today with Silver holding at almost 1% above yesterday as it follows Golds direction. I still want to see it test $16 level again as we continue to see Gold improve, but it’s moving in the right direction. At 11am Silver is trading at $15.47 per ounce, up $0.14 with average volume.

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