After the news of the U.S. Tomahawk missile attack on Syria was released last night, Gold quickly rallied $17 per ounce. Then as more information was released the increase dropped to $12. This morning the U.S. Labor Department stated that 89,000 new jobs were added in March, diving the unemployment rate to 4.5%. Gold sold off more on that news. At 11am PDT today, Gold is trading at $1,257 per ounce, up $5 on active volume.


Today Silver was highly volatile, with a $0.61 per ounce high/low trading range. Silver hit a high of $18.49 last night and then a low of $17.88 this morning. There was lots of bargain buying when Silver traded below the $18 per ounce support level. At 11am PDT today, Silver is down $0.20, trading at $18.06 per ounce on heavy volume.