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  1. Demand for silver in China and India is up 30% in 2011 and set to rise 40% in 2012

    Albanian Minerals President and CEO Sahit Muja said “Silver demand in China and India is set to rise 40 per?ent in 2012″.

    China said its net imports of silver nearly quadrupled to more than 3,500 metri? tons in 2010, boosted by sharp in?reases in demand by the industrial se?tor and the jewelry industry.

    Silver demand in China and India has in?reased sharply in re?ent years as more investors use silver as a store of value.
    About 70% of China’s silver demand ?omes from the industrial se?tors...

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  2. Central banks hint: It’s not too late to buy gold

    South Korea’s fashionably late to a party started over a decade ago

    Central banks in emerging markets have decided that it’s not too late to join gold’s party.

    South Korea and Mexico are among the nations whose central banks have been ramping up gold holdings lately — and they’re willing to pay the highest-ever prices for an ounce of gold to do it, even though gold’s latest rally began more than a decade ago.

    Admittedly, it’s not new trend for all central banks, but one that’s speeding up as the world loses faith in the U.S. dollar and global markets.

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  3. Washington Chooses Hyperinflation

    This week by President Obama and Congress to “cure” the problem of the federal government borrowing up to the authorized debt ceiling guarantees that the U.S. dollar will deteriorate from hyperinflation.

    In theory, it originally looked like the parties were headed toward a compromise that would be a bipartisan agreement to “temporarily” raise the debt limit by $1 trillion, impose virtually no spending cuts and would not increase taxes.

    The actual compromise reached was much worse for Americans...

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  4. Gold: Plenty of room to move higher - and higher

    While a settlement of the U.S. debt impasse may see a sharp correction in the gold price this will only be brief with $1700 gold easily in sight this year and rock solid fundamentals suggest much higher prices in the future.,,

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  5. US debt downgrade may now be inevitable

    As the stalemate over debt talks dragged on Wednesday, Congress and the White House may have passed the point of no return in avoiding a U.S. government debt downgrade.

    If Uncle Sam loses his coveted AAA rating, the cost of borrowing goes up, the economy slows further and jobs get even tougher to find.

    With hopes fading for a broad deficit-cutting package of spending cuts and tax increases, the White House Wednesday signaled that President Barack Obama could support a...

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  6. How to make sense of the gold-to-silver ratio

    Silver’s recent climb has significantly outpaced gains made by gold. But a closely watched ratio based on the two prices suggests silver has even more catching up to do, analysts say. The so-called gold-to-silver ratio, the price of gold divided by the price of silver, currently stands at 39.8 to 1. In other words, a single ounce of gold is worth 39.8 ounces of silver. That’s a decline from the end of 2010, when the ratio was around 46. Silver (CNS:SI1U)  has surged 29% year to date to about $40 an ounce, compared with gold’s (CNS:GC1Q) 13% year-to-date advance, to just over $1,600 an ounce.

     “Some traders look at the gold-silver ratio as a way to determine if...

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  7. Silver set to soar on demand from healthcare, clean energy, water purification

    SILVER demand is expected to climb by 6600 tonnes a year over the next nine years as the white metal becomes important to an increasing range of new technologies.

    ABN Amro and VM Group, in their latest silver report, say silver demand is rising on demand from sectors involved in security, healthcare, clean energy and water purification.

    The biggest growth will be in...

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  8. QE3 talk pushes gold to nominal record

    Gold surged to a new record on Wednesday, propelled by the possibility of a third round of quantitative easing in the US.

    The yellow metal, already rallying hard on the back of fiscal concerns in the eurozone, jumped to within reach of $1,600 a troy ounce after Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve chairman, said the central bank could take further steps to prop up the US economy if needed.

    In testimony to Congress, Mr. Bernanke said the Federal Reserve stood ready to...

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  9. Gold poised to hit record high at $1,582 an ounce

    The gold outlook for next week is moderately bullish. Analysts say the next key upside chart resistance is the swing high from June 22 at $1,559.30. If the market broke through that ceiling, it would target a retest of the $1,577.70 high. On the downside, initial support lies at $1,522.20. Gold prices rallied on Friday, as the August Comex contract hit its highest level since June 23, after a sharply weaker-than-expected US June employment report. August futures settled at $1,541.60 an ounce, up four per cent for the week...

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  10. Silver Demand in China Booming

    Silver demand in China is soaring. Imports of silver to the Asian giant have reached new highs, and analysts maintain that demand for this year will only continue to grow. The growth comes not only from industrial and jewelry demand, but also from the increased investments in...

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