American Buffalo

American Buffalo



The American Buffalo coin has the distinction of being the first 24-karat (.9999 pure gold) and purest gold coin produced in the United States. When the coin was issued in 2006, it met with great success.


American Gold Buffalo's

The coin’s classic design was taken from a previous minting as it appeared in 1913. The iconic relief was created by American sculptor James Earle Fraser, who may be better known for his famous End of the Trail sculpture depicting a Native American man hunched despairingly over his horse (a rendering was notably featured on The Beach Boys album cover for Surf’s Up). On the coin’s obverse is the head of an Indian Chief believed to have been rendered based on the faces of three different chiefs from the early 20th century. The coin’s reverse displays an image of the magnificent bison “Black Diamond” from New York’s Central Park Zoo that Fraser had used as a model.


Over the years the American Buffalo has been one of the top three in-demand gold coins and is highly sought after by both bullion investors and collectors alike.The coin’s high purity makes it an attractive choice for those looking to strengthen their gold portfolio. Released 20 years after the debut of the American Eagle, the American Buffalo offers a great opportunity for investors and collectors to build quality sets in any or all of the strike types.


More specifics about the American Buffalo coin:


  • Over the years about 2 million ounces of Gold Buffalos have been produced.
  • The American Buffalo is a coin that’s reliably easy to trade
  • The coin was issued to compete with other foreign 24-karat gold bullion coinsAmerican Gold Buffalo's
  • Fractional sizes were available in 2008 only; these coins were issued to commemorate the date 8-8-08 and were a specially-packaged Double Prosperity Set which featured a 1/2 ounce Gold Buffalo coin; only 7,751 of these sets were made
  • Be aware that copy “cladded” or “plated” versions of the Buffalo Gold Coin were issued by private mints for sale on television; they were not bullion coins issued by the U.S. Mint and they are not the same diameter as genuine coins. They are purely replicas made by private mints with less then. 0.01% the gold content.



Though not produced for as long as the American Eagle, the American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin has shown to be a popular coin across the world. To learn more about the American Gold Buffalo and see how it could fit into your investment portfolio, please contact us here and an experienced Mint State Gold representative will be happy to see how we can assist you.


See below for general specifications on the American Buffalo Gold Coin.


Coin Specifications

Metal(s) Produced Gold Gold Gold Gold
Purity 24 Karats 24 Karats 24 Karats 24 Karats
Year(s) Minted 2006 to Present 2008 2008 2008
Where Minted West Point West Point West Point West Point
Composition 1oz Gold 1/2oz Gold 1/4oz Gold 1/10oz Gold
Total Weight 1 troy ounce 1/2 troy oz 1/4 troy oz 1/10 troy oz
Denomination $50 $25 $10 $5
Thickness 2.95 mm 2.24 mm 1.83 mm 1.19 mm
Diameter 32.7 mm 27 mm 22 mm 16.5 mm
Strike Type(s) Business/ Proof/ Burnished Proof/ Burnished Proof/ Burnished Proof/ Burnished


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