The Bullion category encompasses both modern made items and/or historic coins no longer produced – mainly made from gold and silver but they can also be minted in other metals as well.  Gold bullion coins that are dated prior to 1933, are considered to be semi-numismatic and are in high demand by savvy investors because these coins are of high quality, limited supply, and have additional privacy benefits. Due to their increasing scarcity and quality these Bullion coins carry a slight premium. It’s usually a nominal amount between 5 to 15% above the value of the metal in the coin. Most modern made bullion coins have a premium ranging between 3-15% depending on supply and cost of manufacturing. Most savvy investors looking to buy Bullion coins will buy semi-numismatic gold bullion coins because they are a desirable investment for their portfolio. They also carry the added bonus of not requiring a 1099 reporting form when you decided to sell them! For those wanting to see ideal returns on these coins, we recommend holding bullion coins from anywhere between 3 months to several years. However, it can vary depending on the coin.

Investment Grade Coins are a step up from Bullion Coins. They are typically sold individually or in rolls, and with the passing years have shown stronger returns. Investment Grade Coins are also of a higher quality and scarcity compared to Bullion plus items.  Because of this Investment Grade are usually certified gold and silver coins in holders (To learn more about why coins are graded as well as placed in holders, please click here).

Investment Grade Coins have an increased scarcity and demand from investor over bullion coins and historically their value has grown stronger over bullion coins. This has been proven by the esteemed Dr. Lombra who was commissioned by the U.S. Congress to research the potential of Investment Grade Coins. He proved that certain Investment Grade coins have shown about a 15% RETURN, EVERY YEAR, FOR 30 YEARS STRAIGHT! To obtain the most desired results, we recommend these coins, and investors should hold on to their investment for at least 2-3 years. We carry many Investment Grade Gold Coins older than 1933 and are also considered ‘collectibles’ by the IRS and have the same benefits as mentioned before with semi-numismatic gold bullion coins.

To learn more about which category best suits your needs, speak to one of our Mint State Gold representatives. To read more about Bullion, click here – for Investment Grade Coins, click here.