Investment Grade Coins are collectible coins that are scarce and highly sought after by collectors and investors alike. Forged with precious metals, this level of collectible coin offers an excellent profit potential for investors wanting to hold them at least three years. Investment Grade Coins can be sold individually or in rolls, and with every passing year, usually become scarcer and more valuable. At Mint State Gold, presented by Stuppler & Company, we have more than 50 years buying, selling, evaluating and consulting our clients on how to make the most of these desirable coins.

Recent studies commissioned by Congress have shown that coins offer excellent returns. One high regarded study by Dr. Lombra reported that over a 30-year period, investment gold coins earned an average of 13.4% return from 1979 to 2003. That kind of return beats stocks, bonds, mutual funds, savings accounts and virtually any other type of sound investment. Another study by Dr. Robert Brown showed similar returns but… over a 62-year period! Dr. Brown, Dr. Lombra and other investment gurus recommend that savvy investors have at least 15% of their portfolios in collectable coins.

The investment grade coins we recommend for our clients are certified gold and silver United States rare coins. We typically use two highly regarded outside grading services, PCGS and NGC, to certify and authenticity most of our coins. (Click here to learn about Rare Coin Grading) The most popular gold coin we offer is Saint Gaudens, considered by collectors and experts to be the most beautiful coin ever minted in the U.S.A. Since this famous coin ceased production in 1933, it is categorized as a “collectible coin”. This means it is not subject to confiscation laws and also has many tax advantages. We also sell the very popular Liberty, and Indian gold coins. The silver coins we offer include the famous Morgan Dollar and Peace Dollar. Our silver coins can be purchased in single certified holders or, multiples of the same coin in rolls.  Regardless, most Mint State Gold investment grade coins are certified as, ‘Brilliant Uncirculated’ condition or higher, practically untouched, giving them even more value.

Coins have long been a collectible asset but now, more than ever, they offer a level of comfort that many investment do not. Why? Like a fine piece of art, they are highly sought after, visually striking, scarce and have historically increased with the passing of time. If you’re interested in learning more about Investment Grade coins, call a Mint State Gold representative today.