Rare Coins are great investment items that are scarce, high quality and beautiful coins, and have been sought after for centuries. These coins are valued primarily for their investment demand and limited supply. As gold demand continues to grow, more and more smart investors are diversifying their portfolio and purchasing rare coins. Since these coins are collectable and no longer produced, their value only continues to rise. The rare coins that Mint State Gold offers our clients are not only exquisite and rare, but are a vital piece of the savvy investor’s long-term portfolio. These are perfect for the long-term investor looking to hold onto these assets for at least three years to maximize profit potential.

One of the key components to the value of our rare coins is the grade. These grades are judged on industry standards by independent, well-respected 3rd party grading services. Simply put, the ‘grade’ is the overall quality of the coin. The other determining factor in a coin’s worth is scarcity, defined as, ‘something not easily replaced’. Put those two together and it means that you can own a rare coin where there may be only 5 of its kind on earth! Much like in art world, a painting by Monet carries a premium because it’s not only rare, it’s also highly sought after and will grow as an investment. So it is with Rare Coins, however you can purchase them anywhere from a few thousand dollars to several million, and you can hold it in the palm of your hand!

Mint State Gold sells mainly gold and silver rare coins, but also copper and nickel. Most are valued at $10,000 and above but there are some coins, still considered rare, that you can purchase for a few thousand dollars. Regardless of the value, we take pride in offering one-on-one personal consultations with our clients to make sure they find the right coin at the best possible price. We also offer our very own statistical study – CoinStats - to each of our clients. This analysis is based on 24 years of research that identifies the six categories for rare U.S coins and spells out in plain language, which coins have the highest demand, giving investors the best profits when they sell.

While some companies use their own, internal evaluations, Mint State Gold uses two highly respected 3rd party services to grade our coins - PCGS and NGC (These companies are extremely well known, respected, and grade over 90% of coins today!). PCGS and NGC consider a number of factors, everything from where a coin was minted, to its condition, and also verify that it is real. The grading service assigns a number from 1 to 70 – 70 being a perfectly preserved coin, while a Grade 1 might be a common coin found in your desk. After the grading services inspect and grade the coins we go one step further to ensure our clients make a great investment. We personally inspect all our coins before purchasing and verify that they not only have a high grade, but are also premium quality. All our Rare Coins are visually striking, excellent condition, certified and packaged in a holder from the 3rd party grading service for protection and authenticity.

Now is the ideal time to invest in rare coins. When you’re ready there’s none better than Mint State Gold for the best advice and strategies to keep and grow your wealth. Don’t miss this rare opportunity! Contact one of our knowledgeable representatives today.