Buying the right gold coins (Part 2)

Buying the right gold coins (Part 2)

Step #2 - Buy the Right Gold Coins

Based on your timeframe, are bullion gold coins or investment gold coins the right fit?

Short term investments (Less than 3 years) : Bullion Gold Coins

Gold Buffalo CoinThe best and most popular gold bullion coins are:


These three gold coins are the most actively traded gold bullion coins in the World and therefore have the best buy/sell spreads (lowest profit margin for gold dealers) of any gold bullion investment.

Long term investments (3 years and longer): Investment Gold Coins

Saint GaudensThe highest recommended gold coins for long term investing, all with an excellent history of appreciation are:

  • $20 Gold Saint Gaudens – Graded MS63 to MS66 by PCGS or NGC
    • MS63-MS66 Saint Gaudens coins have the largest and most active market.
    • PCGS and NGC are the two most highly respected grading services in the numismatic community.
    • PCGS and NGC both guarantee that their coins they grade are true for that grade or your money back.
  • French 20 Franc Gold Roosters – Pre-1933
    • Since coins dated prior to 1933 are classified as a “collectible” by the IRS, they have additional tax advantages!

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