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  1. Silver Shortage Promises To Boost Price In 2019

    Think of it as a potential silver lining for investors. A burgeoning shortage of the precious white metal is promising to boost its price as 2019 rolls out. Silver surged 9.1 percent in December . . . .
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  2. Goldman Expects Gold Prices To Climb To The Highest In More Than 5 Years

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc is leading a pack of bullish voices cheering for gold. The New York-based bank’s analysts led by Jeffrey Currie have raised their price forecast . . . .
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  3. Goldman Says To Bet On Weaker U.S. Dollar After Powell Comments

    The U.S. dollar may be poised to decline, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Friday boosted . , , ,
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  4. Why 2019 Could Be A Stellar Year For Gold

    Why 2019 Could Be A Stellar Year For Gold

    Gold has gotten a boost over the past three months, rising more than 4%, as investors flock to so-called “safe-haven” trades, and the commodity is headed even higher in 2019, according to strategists . . . .
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  5. Chinese New Year, Excellent Time to Buy Gold

    Long after the Americans finish celebrating New Years and begin to renege on resolutions, the Chinese are just getting started. While the Chinese “Spring Festival” has not caught on with the rest of the world, the impact of this Chinese tradition offers average Americans a unique opportunity to benefit here in the USA . . . .

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  6. Goldman Sachs boosts gold price forecast, sees $1,450/oz in 12 months

    Goldman Sachs raises their forecast for gold, from a report by analysts Michael Hinds and Jeffrey Currie . . . .

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  7. JPM and Goldman building big positions in physical gold and silver

    Precious metals specialist, Ted Butler, is nothing but forthright about his views on the big investment banks, notably JP Morgan as top of his list of the ‘baddest dudes’ in the sector.  To this he has added the financial sector’s other frequently recognized ‘bad dude’ – Goldman Sachs – accusing them both of playing the markets in such volumes that they totally dominate them and frequently calling them out in what he describes as ‘criminal’ manipulation’ of these markets . . . .

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  8. Why commodity prices could stay higher for longer

    Commodity prices stormed higher in the decade to 2012, fueled by a mismatch between Chinese demand and global supply, creating supply shortages that led to substantial gains in many commodity markets . . . .

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  9. Dollar down, equities down, gold up, silver up more

    There was something of an overnight melt-up in gold, and even more so in silver, which started in after-hours trade in New York, and continued in Asia...

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