1. Federal Reserve Foresees No Interest Rate Hikes In 2019

    The Federal Reserve left its key interest rate unchanged Wednesday and projected no rate hikes this year, reflecting a dimmer view of the economy . . . .
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  2. WV Legislature Votes To End Sales Taxation On Gold & Silver

    Sound money advocates rejoiced today as the West Virginia legislature overwhelmingly passed Senate Bill 502 and sent it . . . .
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  3. Gold And Silver Testing Important Support Levels

    Last Friday Gold dropped to a five-month low of $1,289.50 per ounce, breaking below the key $1,300 level on sell orders based on stop loss selling. A strong . . . .
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  4. Gold Remains An Attractive Inflation Hedge - JPMorgan

    (Kitco News) - Although prices pressures have dropped as growth concerns picked up, JPMorgan . . . .
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  5. 9 Bonafide Reasons Why Silver Is So Valuable

    Take a moment to consider this: Long before the first coins were ever made, gold and silver . . . .
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  6. When Trouble Strikes, Where Should You Hide? The Case For Gold

    IMAGINE YOU have an assignation in New York. You have not been told where you should meet the other person and she has not been told where . . . .
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  7. Russia And China’s Gold Age?

    February in Moscow is like a sweet & sour dish, one day frigid and snowy and the next balmy and rainy, either way it is a treat . . . .
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  8. Citi May Liquidate Over $1 Billion In Venezuela Gold Within Weeks

    Back in April 2015, when Venezuela still had a somewhat functioning economy and hyperinflation was not yet rampant, the . . . .
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  9. Gold Getting Set for Bull Run

    If, as they say, it is darkest just before the dawn, then surely for gold at least, the sun must be cresting the horizon now? After seven disappointing . . . .
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  10. Central Banks Haven't Bought This Much Gold Since Nixon Closed the Gold Window

    Something big is happening in the gold market right now, and nowhere is that more apparent than in central banks of emerging economies. Last year was . . . .
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