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  1. Wedding Demand Props Up Indian Gold Imports for a Second Month

    Gold imports by India climbed in February for a second straight month as retailers increased buying due to jewelry purchases for weddings . . . .
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  2. Gold And Silver Prices Reached 2019 Highs In January

    Gold started 2019 by having a great January, increasing its value by $45 per ounce. Gold ended January at $1,322. Right now, I’m looking . . . .
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  3. World Gold Council Outlook 2019: Global Economic Trends And Their Impact On Gold

    As we look ahead, we expect that the interplay between market risk and economic growth in 2019 will drive gold demand. And we explore three key trends that we expect . . . .
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  4. My 2019 Predictions – Gold $1,480 Per Oz, Silver $17.00 Per Oz

    My 2019 Predictions – Gold $1,480 Per Oz, Silver $17.00 Per Oz

    Gold’s rally continues, as it reached $1,300 per ounce in early Friday morning Asian trading. This was Gold’s first attempt to break a major resistance level. The Gold rally was . . . .
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  5. Next Stop – Gold $1,300 Per Ounce – Silver $16 Per Ounce

    Gold ended 2018 on a rally, moving up again last week to close the year at $1,278 per ounce. Gold closed the month and year at $1,278.30 . . . .
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  6. Russian Central Bank Buying Gold On The International Market?

    For a number of years now and even more so during 2018, the central bank of the Russian Federation, the Bank of Russia, has remained in the spotlight as . . . .
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  7. Sanctions Push Irans Gold Bar And Coin Demand To 5-1/2-Year High In Q3

    Recent positive momentum continued in Iran during the third quarter of this year. Iran’s Gold Bar and Coin demand hit 21.1 tons . . . .

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  8. Venezuela Seeks To Repatriate $550 Million Of Gold From Britain

    Venezuela is seeking to repatriate about $550 million (423 million pounds) in gold bars from the Bank of England because of fears it could be caught up in international sanctions on the country, two sources with direct knowledge of the effort told Reuters . . . .

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  9. Central Bank Gold Buying Reaches 3-Year High

    Central bank buyers acquired approximately $5.8 billion worth of gold in the third quarter of the fiscal 2018, marking the highest level of net purchases since 2015, the World Gold Council said in a release issued on Thursday . . . .

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  10. Demand for Gold Up 42%

    Since 2010, central banks around the world turned from being net sellers of gold to net buyers of gold. In fact, the World Gold Council (WGC) has shown that demand for gold . . . .

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