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  1. A Golden View From Russia

    One of several valuable life lessons learned when you live outside your native country is that the optics are radically different. This is especially . . . .
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  2. Investing For A New Cold War? Grab Some Gold

    China and America’s changing relationship could derail economic growth. Merryn Somerset Webb asks global strategist . . . .
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  3. Gold Getting Set for Bull Run

    If, as they say, it is darkest just before the dawn, then surely for gold at least, the sun must be cresting the horizon now? After seven disappointing . . . .
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  4. Russia’s Gold & Foreign Currency Reserves Surge For Third Consecutive Year

    The Central Bank of Russia reports that foreign exchange reserves saw a significant boost of 8.3 percent over the 12 months through January 1 of the current year. Reserves reportedly . . . .
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  5. China's Renminbi Will Rival the Dollar As Global Reserve Currency

    The past year was full of events that inevitably split the global geopolitical space into two camps: those who still support using US currency as a universal financial . . . .
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  6. World Gold Council Outlook 2019: Global Economic Trends And Their Impact On Gold

    As we look ahead, we expect that the interplay between market risk and economic growth in 2019 will drive gold demand. And we explore three key trends that we expect . . . .
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  7. Why Gold Is Money

    It’s an unfortunate historical anomaly that people think about the paper in their wallets as money . . . .
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  8. Warren Buffett Would Buy Precious Metals Again If He Could

    Warren Buffett is famous for many things, one of which is his general dislike for precious metals as an investment . . . .

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  9. 5 Things That Precede Major Gold Bottoms

    Long-term oriented investors and speculators should be aware of the near-term trends but they should also be aware of the conditions that will lead to a shift from a bear market to a bull market . . . .

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  10. Worst May Be Over For Silver - Likely To Deliver Better Returns Than Gold

    Expectations of a weak dollar and support from gold will help silver prices recover, say experts . . . .

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