1. Why Inflation Is Here To Stay – The Case For Gold

    Why Inflation Is Here To Stay – The Case For Gold

    When the Federal Reserve was created in December 1913, it had two purposes: (1) To defend the gold standard and the dollar against inflation, and (2) To be a lender . . . .
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  2. Gold Bulls Just Regained the Upper Hand

    Commodity traders appear excited about gold again as stocks are on pace for their worst year since 2008 . . . .
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  3. Warren Buffett Would Buy Precious Metals Again If He Could

    Warren Buffett is famous for many things, one of which is his general dislike for precious metals as an investment . . . .

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  4. Why Chinese investors could benefit from Gold?

    Gold is a proven investment asset, capable of reducing portfolio risk and boosting returns. As such, Chinese investors could benefit from allocating some of their portfolio assets to gold . . . .

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  5. Could This Be the Turning Point for Gold and Silver?

    Could the 800 point fall in the Dow be the start of the much predicted equities collapse?  . . . .

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  6. Gold Surges to a 2-Month High

    Gold prices surged Thursday to the highest in more than two months, with the metal’s haven status in full force and attracting investment interest amid a sharp retreat for U.S. stocks that has infected foreign indexes . . . .

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  7. The Worlds Greatest Bubbles are Bigger than Ever<br />When They Pop, You Better Own Some Precious Metals

    In just the past few years, global asset values have risen to the biggest bubbles in history.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be a concern to the market because most people believe they are getting richer . . . .

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  8. How Platinum is Starting to Shine for Bargain Hunters

    Platinum, with its price close to the lowest level in nearly a decade, might soon attract the interest of bargain hunters . . . .

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  9. Gold and Silver: Setting Up for a Sleeper Breakout

    As the world continues to see economic improvements, Gold and silver are relegated to an after-thought by investors . . . .

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  10. Gold Should be Viewed as Money<br />Not as an Investment Instrument

    On May 4 and 5, 2018, Warren E. Buffett (born 1930) and Charles T. Munger (born 1924), both already legends during their lifetime, held the annual shareholders’ meeting of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. . . . .

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