1. Global Central Banks Are Gobbling Up Gold

    Ongoing concerns over the health of major economies, notably in Europe, have pressured global rates this year . . . .
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  2. Gold And Silver Firm In Face Of Abnormal Equity Volatility

    The wild fluctuations in the U.S. equities markets over the past few days have to be a huge cause for concern in terms of . . . .
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  3. Could This Be the Turning Point for Gold and Silver?

    Could the 800 point fall in the Dow be the start of the much predicted equities collapse?  . . . .

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  4. Trade Tariff Stare Down Triggers Gold Rally

    This week was certainly ripe with major events, each of which has had a direct and immediate impact on gold. However, it was the escalation of trade tariffs proposed by President Trump this week that sent gold prices dramatically higher and equity pricing to its lowest level since November 2017 . . . .

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  5. Avoid Paper Gold - “Gold Delivery” Refused by Gold Exchange Traded Commodity

    "Delivery of gold" has been refused by a popular German gold exchange traded commodity (ETC), Xetra-Gold, which is offered by Deutsche Bank, in the latest example of the risk of owning gold exchange traded commodities (ETCs), exchange traded funds (ETFs) and indeed most institutional gold investment offerings . . . .

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  6. The World is walking from Crisis to Crisis: Why BofA sees $1,500 Gold and $30 Silver

    With both stocks and US Treasury prices at all time highs the market is sensing that something has to give . . . .

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  7. Weekly Market Report 5/23/16

    Gold/Silver testing support levels before the next leg higher . . . .

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  8. 4 Practical Reasons to Consider Reallocating Some Assets to Gold

    Risk aversion and investor demand for gold investments signal an inflection point for asset allocation . . . .

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  9. Weekly Market Report 5/16/16

    Gold consolidating getting ready for a move above $1,300 . . . .

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  10. The Scale of the Gold Market

    The amount of Gold flowing into and out of the SPDR Gold Trust ETF (NYSEARCA:GLD) inventory is often portrayed as an important driver of the Gold price, but it is nothing of the sort . . . .

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