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  1. Silver & Gold Are Building A New Base Above $15 And $1,300 Per Ounce

    Last week Gold traded between $1,290 and $1,310 per ounce all five trading days. After the $60 correction that occurred the week before, this was a base building . . . .
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  2. Global Central Banks Are Gobbling Up Gold

    Ongoing concerns over the health of major economies, notably in Europe, have pressured global rates this year . . . .
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  3. Sam Zell Buys Gold

    In an interview with Bloomberg TV, billionaire founder of Equity Group Investments Sam Zell said, “For the first time in my life . . . .
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  4. The Domino Effect: Romania Joins Gold Repatriation Exodus

    Moves are now afoot in neighboring Romania to do likewise, via a parliamentary bill submitted by Romanian politicians Liviu Dragnea and Serba . . . .
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  5. Gold Moving Past $1,320 Resistance, Hitting New 2019 Highs

    Gold closed last Friday at $1,319 per ounce, but in aftermarket trading reached a high of $1,323, a new high for 2019. Gold broke above the key $1,300 resistance . . . .
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  6. Russia And China’s Gold Age?

    February in Moscow is like a sweet & sour dish, one day frigid and snowy and the next balmy and rainy, either way it is a treat . . . .
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  7. Citi May Liquidate Over $1 Billion In Venezuela Gold Within Weeks

    Back in April 2015, when Venezuela still had a somewhat functioning economy and hyperinflation was not yet rampant, the . . . .
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  8. Russia Closing Gap On China As World NO.1 Gold Miner

    Assuming the veracity of the latest figures from official sources in China and Russia the latter is expanding its gold output while the former’s output is . . . .
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  9. China Officially Adds To Gold Reserves Again

    While we still disbelieve the ‘official’ total figure for the size of China’s gold reserves, assuming them to be far, far higher than the figure it . . . .
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  10. Central Banks Haven't Bought This Much Gold Since Nixon Closed the Gold Window

    Something big is happening in the gold market right now, and nowhere is that more apparent than in central banks of emerging economies. Last year was . . . .
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