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  1. The Domino Effect: Romania Joins Gold Repatriation Exodus

    Moves are now afoot in neighboring Romania to do likewise, via a parliamentary bill submitted by Romanian politicians Liviu Dragnea and Serba . . . .
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  2. Citi May Liquidate Over $1 Billion In Venezuela Gold Within Weeks

    Back in April 2015, when Venezuela still had a somewhat functioning economy and hyperinflation was not yet rampant, the . . . .
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  3. Central Banks Haven't Bought This Much Gold Since Nixon Closed the Gold Window

    Something big is happening in the gold market right now, and nowhere is that more apparent than in central banks of emerging economies. Last year was . . . .
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  4. China Demand 'Buoyant' Even as Gold Prices Top $1310 UK Brexit Plans 'Both Funny and Tragic'

    Gold prices in the London wholesale market touched an 8-month high at $1310 per ounce Tuesday as European stock markets rallied and crude oil rose . . . .
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  5. Countries Are Beginning To Stockpile Gold

    The Bank of China had increased its gold reserves from 1842.6 tons to 1,852 tons in December 2018. This increase represents the first . . . .
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  6. Big Silver Move Foreshadowed As Industrial Panic Looms

    Coming up we’ll hear one of the more important interviews we’ve ever done on the broken nature of the precious metals’ futures exchanges, and what might be the driving force that ultimately destroys the confidence . . . .
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  7. China's Renminbi Will Rival the Dollar As Global Reserve Currency

    The past year was full of events that inevitably split the global geopolitical space into two camps: those who still support using US currency as a universal financial . . . .
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  8. Russian Central Bank Buying Gold On The International Market?

    For a number of years now and even more so during 2018, the central bank of the Russian Federation, the Bank of Russia, has remained in the spotlight as . . . .
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  9. Buy Gold! says the Bank of England

    The BANK of ENGLAND announced its latest policy decision in London on Thursday, writes Adrian Ash at BullionVault. In effect it told UK investors and savers to buy gold. Because gold tends to rise when interest rates fail to rise faster than the cost of living . . . .

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  10. Bank of England Gold Vaults Bled 1500 Tons of Gold over 2013-2016 New Data Shows

    Critically, this physical gold stored at both the Bank of England vaults and the commercial London vaults underpins the gargantuan trading volumes of the London Gold Market and the same market’s ‘liquidity’ . . . .

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