1. India’s Govt To Release Draft Gold Exchange Policy By Jan 2019

    The government is expected to release the draft gold exchange policy by Jan 2019, according to an ET report. This policy is expected . . . .
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  2. Germany Gets Its Gold Back From The Fed And Its A Big Deal

    Germany’s central bank completed its plan to repatriate the country’s gold reserves from New York and Paris, three years ahead of schedule . . . .

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  3. Swiss Gold Exports Jump 39% to 170 Metric Tons in May on Indian Demand, a Five-Month High

    Gold exports from Switzerland totaled 170 mt (metric tons) in May, up 39% from 122 mt in April, Swiss federal customs data showed Thursday . . . .

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  4. Trumps Bullying Style Will Be Good for Gold - Murenbeeld

    Ahead of President Donald Trump’s major address before the joint sessions of Congress, one gold analyst said that Trump bullying and threatening style of government will be good for gold in the long run . . . .

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  5. China Net Imported 1,300t Of Gold In 2016

    The importance of measuring gold imports into the Chinese domestic gold market – which are prohibited from being exported – is to come to the best understanding on the division of above ground reserves in and outside the Chinese domestic market . . . .

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  6. U.S. Imports Record Amount of Gold from Switzerland in July

    It seems as if the tide has changed as the U.S. imported a record amount of gold from Switzerland in July . . . .

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  7. Gartman Says Switzerland Still Focal Point For Gold But Waning

    Gartman noted that Switzerland is a very important focal point for the gold trade although its importance has waned over the years, and interest has shifted towards Asia . . . .

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