Investment Grade Coins are one step away from Rare Coins. Investment Grade Coins are typically sold individually or in rolls, and with the passing years have proven stronger returns. Investment Grade Coins are also of great quality and are scarce, which means they have strong investor demand! Usually, there are also certified gold and silver coins in a holder. To learn more about why coins are graded and placed in holder please click here.

With Investment Grade Coins being scarce and having a strong demand from investors, their value has shown to grow steadily. This has been proven by the esteemed Dr. Lombra, commissioned by the U.S. Congress to study the potential of Investment Grade Coins. He showed that certain Investment Grade coins have shown about a 15% return, every year, for 30 straight years! However, to see the best results we recommend these coins for investors looking to hold on to them for at least 2-3 years.

Plus, there are additional benefits to owning Investment Grade Gold Coins. These gold coins, older than 1933, are also considered ‘collectibles’ by the IRS.  That gives an investor some privacy and tax advantages. To learn more we invite you to contact a Mint State Gold Representative.

Rare Coins are the best of what we have to offer at Mint State Gold.  These coins are scarce, of the highest quality, and are in extremely high demand. As an added benefit these coins are exceptionally beautiful.  Since many Rare Coins have been sought after by investors and collectors - in some cases for centuries - they are highly valued.  While most Rare Coins are valued at $10,000 and up, there are some rarities we offer for less.  We recommend Rare Coins for investors looking for the highest potential returns hold them for at least 5 years.

We at Mint State Gold also personally inspect each coin before selling to our valued clients to insure the highest quality coin for you. We only sell Premium Quality (PQ).  This means that they are the Grade marked, but are also visually striking.  To learn more about Grading please click here.

With either Investment Grade or Rare Coins, our Mint State Gold advisors can help you build your wealth.  One such client of ours collected rare, valuable coins for 15 years.  We found the highest quality coins at the best prices for him and over time, he spent 1.5 million to amass an impressive collection.  He recently sold that collection for approximately $11 million!  You too can become a well-respected coin investor/connoisseur.  The highly skilled Owners of Mint State Gold, with over 60 years experience, will personally assist you to build your own collection to pass down to heirs, or for your retirement needs. Call or contact a Mint State Gold representative today.